About me


I am a PhD student in linguistics at the Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. My research interests lie in phonetics and second language acquisition, particularly in Japanese speakers’ acquisition of English vowels. My supervisors are Mariko Kondo (Waseda University) and Paola Escudero (The MARCS Institute, Western Sydney University).

My doctoral work concerns computational modeling of L2 vowel perception. More specifically, I use Paola’s Second Language Linguistic Perception (L2LP) model to examine Japanese speakers’ perception of American English vowels as well as Australian English speakers’ perception of Japanese vowels. I am also involved in the development of the J-AESOP corpus, an L2 English speech corpus of native Japanese speakers.


Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies, Waseda University
1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan